Lubegard: Positioned For Growth

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The easiest thing to say about Stel­lar Automotive Group and Lube­gard is that we are “getting after it.” We are now in a “full steam ahead” mentality as we are ag­ gressively pursuing new markets and new products,” says Justin Archer who is the President of both Stellar Automotive Group and International Lu­bricants companies. “With the addition of Dr. Blaine Rhodes, PHD chemist and Pat Burrow, our Lubegard technical director – research, design, and testing of new fluids has never been more important or more of a focus for our company. With so many new transmissions in our marketplace to­day, using the correct fluids has never been more important and for that matter, more difficult to determine. Our customers need to confidently advise their customers when using fluids and that is where we feel Lube-gard excels. With our patented liquid wax ester technology, or better known as “LXE” for short, we are confident our products meet the demands and compatibility re­quirements for our customers now and for years to come.”

”Now Stellar! -Keith Simmerer, our spe­cialist for all research and design projects for parts, has been equally busy. With over 35 years in the transmission industry, he sees many new opportunities with all the new transmissions coming out. Our focus on bushing, washer, and piston kits will solve many of our customer’s problems for years to come. We have additionally added some “young blood,” to the team as you will see in the rest of this article and their knowl­edge of today’s technologies is tremendous­ly improving our day to day operations.”

Noriko Anderson
Sales Director

Luke Epstein
Business Development Manager

Mark Roach
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Keith Simmerer
Product Development

Neil Smith
Director Of Operations

“When Stellar Automotive Group and Lubegard were two separate companies, we noticed that there were many customers who were buying both lines, independent of one another,” states Mark Roach, Vice President of Sales & Marketing “Now that both companies are under the same ownership, we have successfully leveraged both companies to the benefit of our total customer base, giving them access to Transmission Parts {over 15,000 SKUs), Filter Kits, and Chemicals all in one place.

“Our “One-Stop-Shop” value proposition has been accepted and embraced extremely well in the marketplace. As we continue to grow through new products, new markets, and acquisitions, our total program provides: high quality products, field training/support, and superior customer service, all of which our customers have come to depend upon to help them grow their business.”

“At Stellar/ILl, we believe people do busi­ness with people,” Mark continues, “That’s how and why we built our customer base – one repair shop at a time. Lubegard offers continuous training and fieldwork so that we are always engaged with our Manufac­turer Representatives, Warehouse Sales­ men, and ultimately, the Customer. In ad­ dition to training and fieldwork, we also offer several promotional opportunities such as: spiff programs, BOGO offers, start­er kits, and gift card incentives, all support­ed with in-store POS materials. We also customize seasonal and quarterly promo­ tions, and create full-year promotional cal­endars for those partners that qualify.”

“When you stitch together our breadth of quality products, field support, and su­ perior customer service with a knowledge­ able and personable sales team, we feel that puts us on track for a successful program to fuel our growth and that of our customers.” “Located in Seville, OH, Stellar Auto­motive Group recently added 30,000 sq. ft. to its existing space so that Internation­al Lubricants Inc. would have the room to grow with current demands,” explains Neil Smith, Director of Operations at ILl, “shortly after that, in June of 2015, ILl blended and packaged its first bottle of CVT Fluid in its newest manufacturing facility. This new facility is outfitted with the latest in blending, packaging, and test­ing technologies, and is prepared to serve the rigorous demands in today’s industry. Countless hours were put into the plan­ning and designing of the warehouse lay­out as well as hand selecting the blending, bottling, and packaging equipment to make sure things run as they were intended to, this will also allow for future expansion when the time comes.” Smith concludes, “These facets allow Lubegard to better serve its customers in the coming future and is something that we are already see­ing a difference in when compared to our previous functions.”


Stellar Automotive Group purchased LUBEGARD in 2012 to create a unique union where customers can procure all their transmission parts and fluids from a single source. The options are extensive, customer service comprehensive, and pricing competitive. Stellar offers a full line of transmission parts and LUBEGARD has the fluids to keep them running perfectly.


For over 25 years, Stellar Automotive Group has been committed to finding customers the best parts at the best prices. Our direct relationships with top OE and aftermarket parts manufacturers throughout the world allow us to offer more options.

In house development work allows us to create products in response to customer inquiries. We regularly customize kits to meet customer’s specifications.

LUBEGARD is a world leader in the research, development, and manufacture of patented high performing lubricants and related products. Our products have been approved, endorsed, recommended & used by OEM’s, are the written solution in OEM technical service bulletins, and endorsed by the largest transmission chains. Whether you are looking for transmission and/or general repair fluids, Lubegard has the solution.