Our Heritage

Stellar Automotive Group began as a sealing ring kit provider in Akron, OH back in 1990.  By the late 90s, Stellar moved to a larger facility in Wadsworth, OH and was selling seals, pistons, bushings, washers, filters, and more.

Continuing to grow, Stellar moved to an updated facility in Seville, OH in the fall of 2008, where they have since expanded the warehouse to accommodate a new blending line for their Lubegard product (see Lubegard’s website at http://www.lubegard.com/).

Our Parts, Our Service, Our People.

Stellar opened its doors on April 16th, 1990, specializing in ring kits for the automotive industry. Seven years later, we made the decision to relocate to Wadsworth, and began to expand out product line into other related areas such as seals, pistons, bushings, washers, filters, bands, electronics and more. This ultimately led to the development of our bushing and washer kits.

Beginning to reach our current capacity, we knew we needed to expand even further by adding a new facility in Seville, Ohio during 2008. In 2009, we added filter kits to our line.

2012 presented us with the opportunity to grow once again; This time through the purchase of International Lubricants(Lubegard) in Seattle WA. This allowed us consolidate our logistics and ship our customers their lubricants and parts from same location.

As our accolades grow, we’re proud to announce new partnerships and dealings. One of those being Stellar becomming the exclusive distributor for Mahle bushings as well as  Stellar being 1 of only 3 exclusive distributors for Dura-Bond.

We couldn’t have reached this level of success without the support of our customers and industry partners, and for that, we thank you, our Stellar support team.

Together, we are Stellar.