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Item Number Description Model
106700 AFT Ford AF21(TF-81SC)GM ,Volvo AW AF40(TF-80SC) N/L
112700 AFT DPO/AL4: Band For Renault & Peugeot N/L
122700 AFT JF506E/RE5F01A: Brake Band (2001-On) FP01-19-360
123700 AFT RE5R05A: Band (2002-Up) 31630-51X00
124700 AFT JF404E: Band (VW/Audi: Polo, Lupo, Araso, Fabio) 001-323-461
12820 AFT A904: Reverse (Rear) - Solid Band (1.375") 4443187
12820A AFT A904: Reverse (Rear) V8 Except 273 (2" Wide) 4431406
12820A BAN A904: Reverse (Rear) V8 Except 273 (2" wide) 4431406
12905F AFT A904: Kickdown (Front) - Flex 4202522
12905H AFT A904/A500: Kickdown (Front) - 1.600" Wide 4617849
12905H BAN A500: Kickdown (Front) .600" Wide 4617849
22825F AFT A518/A727: Kickdown (Front) - Flex 3621491
No Photo 22825FN AFT A727 TF8 A518: Kickdown Band-Flex (No Lining) 3621491
No Photo 22825M AFT A518/A727: Intermediate Flex 4329853
22825M BAN A518/A727: Intermediate Flex 4329853
22900 AFT  A727: Low/Reverse (Rear) - For 6" Reverse Drum 1942133
22900A AFT A518/727: Low/Reverse Band (90-E91) 4505091
22900A BAN A518/A727: Low & Reverse (1987-92) 4505091
22900B AFT A518/A727: Low/Reverse (Rear) - Use w/6.25" Drum 4471476
22900B BAN A518/727: Low & Reverse (1991-96) 4471476
22900C AFT A618: Low/Reverse (Rear) - 6.25" Multi Wrap 4531231
22900C BAN A618: Low/Reverse (rear) - 6.25" Multi Wrap 4531231
26320F AFT C4/C5: Intermediate (Front) - Flex D9AZ-7D034-C
No Photo 26320FN AFT C4: Intermediate Band-Flex (No Lining) D9AZ-
26520A AFT C4/C5: Reverse (Rear) C5AZ-
32700 AFT A404/413/470: Kickdown (Front) - Flex 5212312
32700 BAN A404/413/470: Intermediate (Flex) 5212312
32700A AFT A413/470: Kickdown (Front) -Rigid 5212312
32710 AFT A404/413/470/670: Reverse (Rear) 5205765
32710 BAN A404/413/470/670: Low/Reverse (Rear)(1978-2001) 5205765
33701 AFT 4T40E/4T45E: Intermediate/Overdrive (4th) 8684403
33701 BAN 4T40E/4T45E: Intermediate/Overdrive (4th) 8684403
34325 AFT TH400: Front (1" Wide) 8629531
34325 BAN TH400: Front (1" Wide) 5675578
34325A AFT TH400/4L80E: Front-High Energy (1.25"Wide) 24210080
34325A BAN TH400/4L80E: Front-High Energy (1.25" Wide) 24210080
34510 BAN TH400/4L80E: Rear (Reverse) 8681820
34510H AFT TH400/4L80E: Rear (Reverse) - High Energy Lining 8681820
35700 AFT TH350/C: Intermediate Brake 6261132
35700 BAN TH350: Intermediate (Flex) 6261132
36320E AFT E4OD: Intermediate (Coast Band) E9TZ-
36320E BAN E4OD: Intermediate (Coast Band) E9TZ-
36320F AFT C6: Intermediate (Front) - Flex D9AZ-
41700 AFT F4A33-1: Kickdown (2.362") MD736920
41701 AFT JF405E: Band (Kia Picanto & Hyundai Autos)2000-On N/L
42700 AFT KM170/171/172/175/176: Kickdown (1.57") Narrow MD713179
42700A AFT KM177/A4AF-1: Kickdown (1.75") MD719933
46700 AFT 4F27E/FNA-EL: Intermediate 7S4Z-7D034-A
No Photo 46700 BAN 4F27E/FNA-EL/FNR5: Intermediate 7S4Z-7D034-A
No Photo 47700 AFT R4/R5/V4/V5A51: Brake Band MR176716
54313 AFT TH180/4L30E: Low 8658960
54313 BAN TH180/4L30E: Low 8658960
56320 AFT A4LD/E: Intermediate/Overdrive (Flex) E6TZ-
56320 BAN A4LD/E/5R55N: Intermediate/Overdrive (Flex) Brown Lining BW 4L5Z-
56320A AFT A4LD/E/5R55N: OD/Intermediate (Flex)-High Energy 4L5Z-
56320B AFT 5R55W: Overdrive/Intermediate (Flex) 5L2Z-
56320B BAN 5R55W/S: Intermediate/Overdrive (Flex) Hi-Energy Black Lining BW 5L2Z-
56320E AFT A4LD/E: Overdrive (Double Wrap) F0TZ-7F196-A
56520 AFT C3,A4LD/E: Reverse Band (Rigid) E3ZZ-
56520 BAN C3, A4LD/E: Reverse Band (Rigid) E3ZZ-
56520J AFT 5R55N/W/S: Low/Reverse (Split) XW4Z-
56520J BAN 5R55N/W/S: Low/Reverse (Split) XW4P-
59700 AFT AW50-40/42/42LE: Band 5040-735-001U
59700A AFT AW60-40: Band (1992-On) 26971-60G10
59700D AFT AW55-50SN(AF33-5): Underdrive Band (2001-On) N/L
62700 AFT RE4R03A,JR403E: Reverse 31630-51X02
6313X AFT FMX: Front (Flex Type) D7AZ-
63700 AFT RE4F04A: 2-4 Band 31630-80X02
64700 AFT JF403E/LJ4A-EL: Brake 94385793
65700 AFT TH200/200-4R/: Intermediate (Flex) 8628098
66320F AFT N4A-EL: Brake (Flex) 31630-X0104
68700 BAN 722.3/722.5: 2nd Gear (B1) 126.270.1862
68701B BAN 722.3/722.5: Rear (B2) 126.270.2062
68702A BAN 722.4: Front (B1) 124.270.0062
68704 BAN 722.4: Rear (B2) 126.270.1662
69700J AFT RE/RL4R01A, R4A-EL: Reverse 31630-41X00
69700L AFT RE4R01A: Overdrive (2 3/8" Wide/Same on Both Ends) 2000-Up 31630-4AX01
71700A AFT G4A/GF4A-EL: Intermediate (1-1/2" Width) FU08-21-310A
71700B AFT G4A/GF4A-EL: Intermediate (1-3/4" Width) FU32-21-310C
72700 AFT 4T80E: 4th Clutch (Overdrive) 8684246
72701 AFT 4T80E: Low/Reverse 24216636
73700A AFT CD4E: Intermediate (2.047"/52mm wide) F3RZ-
73700A BAN CD4E: Intermediate (2.047", 52mm wide) F3RZ-
73700B BAN CD4E: Intermediate (High Energy)(SUV-V8)2001-On YL8Z-
74700 AFT 4EAT-F/F4A-EL: 2-4 FU60-21-310E
75700A AFT TH125/C: Intermediate (1.74" Wide) 8637623
76320 AFT AOD: Overdrive (Front) 1-1/2" Narrow EOAZ-
No Photo 76320 BAN AOD: Overdrive Drum (1.5" Narrow) For Cast Iron Drum (Borg Warner) E0AZ-7F196-A
76320A AFT AODE: Overdrive (Front) 2" Wide F2TZ-7F196-A
76320A BAN AOD/E,4R70W: OD (Front) 2" Wide For Steel Drum (High Energy) F2TZ-7F196-A
76520H AFT AOD/E: Low/Reverse - High Energy Lining F0AZ-
77700 BAN TH700-R4: 2nd & 4th (Intermediate) 2.28" (Borg) 8673175
77700A AFT 4L60/E: 2nd & 4th (Intermediate) - 2.28" 2420113
77700A BAN 4L60E: 2nd & 4th (Intermediate) 2.28" High Energy (Borg) 24232236
77700C AFT 4L60/E,4L65E: 2nd & 4th (Intermediate) 2.62" Wide (Kevlar) N/A
77700HE AFT 4L60/E: 2nd & 4th (Intermediate) High Energy 2.28" Kevlar 24201131
77700HE BAN 4L60/E: 2nd & 4th (Intermed) High Energy-2.28"(Kevlar) 24201131
79700 AFT VW010: 2nd Gear Brake 010-323-461C/H
8314A AFT Aluminum Powerglide: Low Brake (High Energy) 3883918
No Photo 8314X AFT Aluminum Powerglide: Low Brake (No Lining) 3883918
83700 AFT RL/RN3F01A: Brake 31630-01X00
84700 AFT TH440-T4: 1st/2nd (Rear) 8675987
84700A AFT 4T60E/4T65E: Forward (Rear) 4T40/45E Low/Reverse 8651614
84700H AFT 4T65E: Forward (Rear) Hi-Energy (2001-On) 24213361
No Photo 84700H BAN 4T65E: Forward Band (Rear) 24213361
84701 AFT TH440-T4: Reverse (Front) 8675986
84701A AFT 4T60E/4T65E: Reverse (Front) 24202815
84701H AFT 4T65E: Reverse (Front) Hi-Energy (2001-On) 24213362
No Photo 84701H BAN 4T65E: Reverse Band (Front) 24213362
84702A AFT 4T60E/4T65E: 2-1 Coast (Center) 8685155
No Photo 84702A BAN 4T60E/4T65E: 2-1 Coast (Center) 8685155
84702H AFT 4T60E/4T65E: 2-1 Coast (Center) High-Energy 24208687
84702H BAN 4T60E/4T65E: 2-1 Coast (Center) High-Energy 24208687
85700 AFT ZF4HP14: Band (1986-On) 0501-204-331
85700B AFT ZF5HP18: 2-4 (1.57" Wide) 0501-208-847
85701 AFT ZF4HP18: Brake Band (except Audi) 0501-208-881
85704A AFT ZF5HP18: 2-4 (Audi) '93-Up 0501-208-727
86320A AFT ATX: Low & Intermediate (Short Slot under Strut) E9FZ-
89700 AFT A130/ A140/A240: Coast Brake (2nd) 35810-32020
89700B AFT MX17, A210: Coast Brake (2nd) - 1.18" Wide 96054009
89700C AFT A540: Coast Brake (2nd) - 1.490" Wide Band 35810-32030
89700D AFT A540/541E: Coast Brake (2nd) - 1.215" (Narrow) 35810-33010
93700 AFT RE/RL4F02A: Overdrive (Flex) 31630-21X00
96700 AFT AXOD/E, AX4S/N: Overdrive (Front) F8DZ-
96700 BAN AXOD/E,AX4S/N: Overdrive (Front) F8DZ-
96701 AFT AXOD/E: Low & Intermediate (3 Strand Split) F4DZ-
96701 BAN AXOD/E: Low & Intermediate (3 Strand Split) F4DZ-
96701B BAN ACODE/AX4N: Low & Intermediate (Req Mercon 5 Fluid) F88P-
No Photo 96800 AFT AX4N: Coast Band 4F1Z-
96800 BAN AX4N: Coast Band 4F1Z-
97700 AFT A340: Brake 35810-30020
97700A AFT Toyota/Lexus A650E 5 Spd: 2nd Brake Band Lexus Models 300/400 ’98-05 35810-14010
99700 AFT RE/RL4F03A: Brake 31630-31X01
99700A AFT RE/RL4F03A: Brake (Sentra/2000-On) 31630-31X03
99700C AFT RE4F04V: Band 31630-80X05